Monday Media

RBF - Really Bland Face

RBF – Really Bland Face

So, made the mistake of turning the television on, only to be bombarded by “Summer Finales” and “New Fall Lineups!” To hear “The best __ of the year…” becomes a dull joke after a while. It appears some movies I thought were new are only remakes of ones recently released. What some networks call ‘comedy’ I call confusing. And this is just broadcast television (forget cable)!

Then again, I knew there was a reason why I prefer DVDs from the library and Netflix for offering the familiar.

How do you feel about the ending summer series/start of fall season?

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1 Response to Monday Media

  1. Mari Collier says:

    This evening there was finally an Antiques Road Show I had not seen. I actually sat down and was watching it. What happens? The TV channel goes blank. Back to the computer. Have a great evening. Tweetd.

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