Kamikazee Falls

Finally did it after much procrastination, hesitation and ‘routine-ization’ (yes, the latter probably isn’t a word, but I like the sound of it today).

I ventured up to Kamikazee Falls after my usual hike to where I like to call “Double-Log Falls.” Teneriff Falls was first on the ‘second hike’ of the day, being equidistance from my regular destination. Took a picture of a rock along the way. What can I say – geology fascinated me moreso than geography. As for Kamikazee – the view was breathtaking! I could have ventured to see if there was more to the trail but having made my way through the amount of snow I did, it wasn’t high on my list. From various points along the way, the river was visible, so of course, took a picture of that as well.

I do intend to go back to Kamikazee, when there are fewer obstacles along the way and the sky above is a bit more bluer.

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