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Doubling the insanity of completing 50K in 30 days is to blog about it daily on my NaNoWriMo Page.

Here you will find brief summaries and links of NaNo’s past and present. If you’ve not had a chance to participate in the madness (or the Southern Cross version in June called SoCNoC), it’s a fun challenge.


NaNo 2015
Title – Unknown
Genre – Thriller
Main Characters – Cole Porter Lipton, Murray, Nioma Strauss, Elizabeth Duncan
Synopsis: Cole thought taking a job at the MRET company would be an easy, short-term deal. However, things such as “The Mortal Station,” and “The Judas Palimpsest” coming up on his screens (and odd riddles from neighbor, Murray,) have the young programmer wondering if he is the next recipient of a “Ctrl-Alt-Del” move.
nano2014avatar2NaNo 2014
Title – Swim, Swan, Swim
Genre – Mystery
Main Characters – Tennyson Swan, Kai Addison Takei, Frank Swan, Denise Swan, Beth Campbell, Bill Campbell
Two children lost and found something on Independence Day: Tennyson Swan gained a sister; Kai Addison lost a family. Years later, they wonder whether the freedom from their fears was true, false or something more frightening.


NaNo 2013
Title – The Pied Piper of the Pier
Genre – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Main Characters – Paul Griffith, Quincy Moses, Danise  Patience, Tonielle Thornton


Who do the cats obey when the rats lead them astray?

Paul Emerson Griffith doesn’t see the familar faces on the waterfront anymore. Some say they have gone home or moved on. However, Paul refuses to believe it – to the dismay of his friends and family (Quincy, Danise, Paxton, among others). Leigh Myriam and Ivan have their suspicions, but can they get Paul to let go of his fixation on Still-Waters charter company?

NaNo 2012
Title – Extended Exposure
Genre – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Main Characters – Rita Fremont, Jared Russell, Darcy Russell, and Jesse Samuelson


Jared Russell and his fiance, Rita Fremont search for the truth about a decades’ old disappearance that the local denizens don’t want exposed. The couple discover that things aren’t always black and white under the gray skies of Somerset.


While I know the appearance of the town of Somerset (the setting of a previously created collection of short stories yet to be polished), it’s the various travels of Rita, Darcy, Stuart and Jesse I’ve had fun with- many, many thanks are due to:

These great photographers and image gatherers allow me and my muse to travel without a passport, and in the case of this year’s story, a world-wide stage of clues to seek or draw from.

NaNo 2011
Title – Quietus: Quintets Demise
Genre – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Main Characters – Royce (Cary Joyce) and Maggie, Danny (Dale Evan) and Vivian, Gail Roberts

Synopsis: Everything comes to an end, one way or another. It doesn’t mean one has to meet Fate standing still.


The sun was beginning to set behind Royce Roberts by the time Gail approached the end of the pier. She stepped carefully, as if the discarded, disconnected legs would kick out at her suddenly. He didn’t see the need for the extra weight.

“What are you doing, Royce?”

He held the opened vial and an envelope over the side of the rowboat, resting the oars on his lap. “When you were a kid in pig-tails, you once said you wanted to see the world. We would have done anything possible to make that happen – Danny and me. You couldn’t wait, though.

“At what point did that child disappear and became so obsessed with wanting to know what the world sees and hears? At what point did you decide to meddle and malign interpretations of what others saw?”

“You don’t understand, Royce! We couldn’t let them get away with it anymore! Something had to be done!” She clenched her fists, undecided whether to take the last row boat out or not. “You destroy that mesh-optic and I’ll kill you.”

Her older brother shrugged, as if time alone had numbed him to most threats. “It’s either that or one of us failing to answer this SIR/SAR Name Notification. How about it, sis? Do you want to see which one of us has been called to answer to fabricated sins?”

She shook her head. “I mean it, Cary Joyce – I’ll kill you.”

“You already have. Me, Danny, our wives – we’re already dead, thanks to you.”

Nano10NaNo 2010
Title – Call Me, Al
Genre – Literary Fiction
Main Characters – Amelia Livingston, Thomas Alven Sidney
Synopsis: Amelia ignored Thomas’s responses for as long as she could, only to learn that sometimes, discoveries made by falling in love for the second time can be as rewarding, if not better than the first time around. Whether all of her children would graduate to the same realization would be a conundrum that even Albert Einstein couldn’t understand.

NaNo 2009
Title – Crossing Seasons
Genre – Literary Fiction
Main Characters – Deborah Leah and Jacob Oliver Knoll
Synopsis: Deborah and Jacob Knoll have enjoyed each other’s company, support and companionship throughout the years, through good seasons and bad. As they approach the most difficult trial of their lives, how well will they make it this time?

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