Friday Fast One






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Friday Fast One

Water Drums at Cedar River Watershed – by Tommia Wright

Sooner or later, some

People expect they can

Limit you with their rules.

Ah, forget that!

Sprint for your goals, where your

Heart and dreams lead you!

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Wednesday Waters

Double-Log Falls

Double-Log Falls by Tommia Wright

A new year, a new chance for a great year. 2018 contained its ups and downs, rushes and stalls. What will this year bring? Finishing unfinished projects? Beginning things anew?

What goals do you have in place?

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Wednesday Waters

Walk the path; it may lead to

Adversity or it may

Venture into an

Entirely new


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Make Mine Music Monday


Seattle Symphony Orchestra – Tchaikovski Untuxed

Nothing says ‘Casual Friday’ better than a performance by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. The Untuxed series are short, intermission-free performances that are affordable and a wonderful way to start a weekend.

What delightful, artistic treats have you discovered to enjoy?

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Friday Fast One

“Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. What do dreams know of boundaries?” ~ Amelia Earhart

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Whether whole,


Or in

Limbo of the two

Everyone is mutlifaceted.

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