Saturday Snapshot

Lines in a Library 2013 by Tommia Wright





Erratic routines

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Friday Fast One

A Little Bit of Valued/Bold Coffee from The Trail Youth by Tommia Wright

Comfort is


Found in the

Fun of

Enjoying little

Everyday things!

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Thursday Things

In Seattle October 2015 by Tommia Wright



Find the


Explorer in times of

Chance or perfect


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Wednesday Words

May the Fourth 2020 by Tommia Wright

Did you know we are now 3/4ths of the way through Star Wars Reads Month?

What stories drew you in, as a child or even now?

“Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” by Alan Dean Foster was one I read repeatedly, to the point I had scotch-taped the cover. Alas, it’s gone now, but the Star Wars story collection continues. “Star Wars: Resistance Reborn” by Rebecca Roanhorse is the most recent title added to my bookshelf.

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Too Much Tuesday

Kit/Kat’s in the Bag by Tommia Wright

Having your fill of the

Insanity of the

Daily disasters?

Even a cat wants back in the bag.

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Monday Marketplace

It’s the Little Things by Tommia Wright

Jewelry made with heart and care,

Oceanic designs artists share –

Yes, it’s the little things

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Sunday Snapshot

Snoqualmie River in Fall by Tommia Wright








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Saturday Snapshot

Twin Falls September 2020 by Tommia Wright

At times,

Wandering off the

Assigned path

Sets you up to find a

Haven unknown.

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Friday Fast One

Autumn Colors October 2020 by Tommia Wright

Riveting hues,

Elegant shades,

Decorate the former

Summer sky

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Thursday Things

Books, Books and More Books! (October 2020) by Tommia Wright

Twitter. – Is it

Really an

Obnoxious tool that

Undermines society? Nah!

Because a bounty of

Literary treasures found can help one

Escape reality!

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