Monday Mayhem

The Child, One Week Later by Tommia Wright

Y’know, for someone without a green thumb, there

Are times, the littlest things

Yield a squeal of delight!

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Splendid Sunday

Coyote at the Library by Tommia Wright

Bounded pages


Outstanding escapes,

Kindly let me read in


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Saturday Snapshot

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Friday Fast One

Rainbow over the Valley 2013 by Tommia Wright

Sometimes in the

Heavens, an

Incredible sight by


Enlightens the soul

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Thursday Things

Library Writing Desk by Tommia Wright

Perhaps it’s the

Little things that

Allow a wandering mind to go


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Wednesday Waters

Teneriffe Falls 2011 by Tommia Wright

Coming across an

Amazing oasis –

Lovely it until too

Many crowd in on it.

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Benches on a Train 2013 by Tommia Wright


Things come to

An abrupt halt, caught in

Limbo between sleep and

Life, to and fro

Edging towards one way,

Decisions to go

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Monday Moment

It Begins – August 3, 2020 by Tommia Wright

So, followed

The directions,

As misguided as it was.

Rested The Child in

The corner with the clowns.

See what grows up (or who frowns).

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Sunday Snapshot

Kit’s Ticked August 2020 by Tommia Wright

Not sure what I did

Or how long the

Narrowed eyes will last.

Am fairly certain,

Probably, definitely,

Skipping shuteye today, oh blast!

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Saturday Snapshot

Flowers in the Lobby 2013 by Tommia Wright

A new month

Gets started/stalled as some things

Are caught on an

Infinite Loop of


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