Tuesday Thoughts

I‘m thankful for having made it through my formal schooling years without too much uproar of banned books. Granted, I did get the joy of reading The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey series before it was removed from the reading list. Our English teacher enjoyed the fact that ‘one more group’ made it through before the gates of administration closed it.

If I were to try teaching now – no matter the grade – I don’t know if I would have liked to go through the political quagmire:

Are we expected to rewrite all of the books of the past to match the standards of the present? Or have we forgotten that what was written in that particular period of time was, in part, a reflection of the reality of that time?

While it is logical that maturity guides when a reader is ready for some things, to lock away books because you don’t like them; someone else shouldn’t get them does go too far.

For example, ‘what’s the point with Seuss?‘ some would say. Here’s this year’s list from the American Library Association. And here are some things you can do.

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Monday Moment

Autumn in the PNW by Tommia Wright

Familiar sweaters,

And warming beverages, while


Listlessly glide

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Sunday Sippin’

Northwest Tea Festival 2019 by Tommia Wright

Thank you, Victoria, for introducing me to the Northwest Tea Festival!

After finishing my first Base2Space climb, I met my friend and her daughter at the final day of the event, and what a day it was.

To discover so many different teas, styles of teas, accessories, serving styles and more, this was going to be a yearly event!

The smaller, independent tea companies were my favorite as were the many sales. (Perhaps one ‘could’ stock up on too much tea? – No!) Who would be there this time? What new blends would be discovered? How many tins, bags and samples could fit in a backpack… (Time to buy another tote!)

The workshops and the many books and brochures could be quite informative. Nice to seep some history into a story in progress every now and then. (Every story I’ve written has a tea tangent.)

Alas, while this year, like so many other events, is virtual, it’s fun to celebrate together, apart.

What are your favorite discoveries and events to enjoy?

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Saturday Steppin’

Space Needle May 2017 by Tommia Wright

So, while

The official Base2Space

In-person is a no-go,

Liking the creative steps to climb,

Listening to the Indigi-Show

Comics, cancer –

Lives being lived

Imagination, inspiration

Marking out a

Beautiful spot

In this

Not-quite ordinary year,

Get out, step up, enjoy the time.

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Friday Fast One

Canopy in Autumn by Tommia Wright

Somewhere under the clouds,

Over the trees,

And in the midst of wonder,

Real beauty can be found



Grand canopy

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Thursday Things

Flowers at the Park by Tommia Wright



Unusual moment is

Supposed to

Encourage us to change

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Wednesday Waters

Nearing the End to Franklin Falls Trail by Tommia Wright

Cascading over and

Under the







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Trouble Times Two – aka Kit & Kat by Tommia Wright

Very well, now that I’ve your attention

Oh, let me simply say –

Tell your friends, your foes,

Everyone you know – register today!

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Monday Moment

Autumn is Coming 2020 by Tommia Wright

Fewer warm days

And an unusually

Lost season, as March

Leaps to October

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Sunday Snapshot

Simple Seedling September 2020

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