The back of a gray and white cat as it looks at a country scene painting of flowers and trees.
Cat in a P. Edwards Painting by Tommia Wright

Sometimes, you just want to escape to a different place.

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Friday Fast One

A yellow wall with a collage of different students' paintings and photographs. At the end of the image - two hands, one light, one dark, forming a heart that has a dove flying out and water falling down.
Student Artist Showcase at Factoria Mall by Tommia Wright

When was the last time you stopped and admired art in your community?

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Thursday Things

Waterfalls crashing to a river below, mist rising up on either side.
Snoqualmie Falls 2013 by Tommia Wright

This was taken with a disposable camera almost ten years ago for an arthouse project. Should perhaps buy a disposable to play with until I can get my 35mm camera fixed.

What are some of your best shots?

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Wednesday Waters

Sun setting over the ocean as waves roll towards the beach
Sunset on the Ocean by Tommia Wright

Coastal scenes

Are the


Moments to enjoy

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Tuesday Tunes Day

A displace case filled with vinyl albums.
Records by Tommia Wright

Music, the

Ever present balm

Livening up the silence

Or bringing peace to chaos

Doses of songs and tunes from

Your personal library is the best medicine ever,

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Monday Musing

A writing desk with an "Imagination Station" coffee cup, a miniature painting of ocean waves, a photo of a stone steps leading to a dwelling, a radio, a journal and a pen.
Writers Corner Revised by Tommia Wright

Perhaps today is the day that

Everything imagined becomes

Naturally possible.

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Sunday Snapshot

A trio of miniature watercolors beside a palate of various colors.
Playing with Watercolors by Tommia Wright

Joy is taking time to play! Thank you, Pepper!!

A woman demonstrating painting a scene over a watercolor sunset
Pepper Painting

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Gray and white cat looking up from the bottom of the stairs.
Waiting Cat by Tommia Wright

(From the archives)

It’s still worrisome when one cat (or worse – BOTH) lies in wait to trip me…

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Friday Fast One

On the left, a postcard of a lighthouse at sunset. On the right, a pen/pencil sketch of the same scene.
Sketching Fun by Tommia Wright

Eh, woefully out of practice…

Yet, still fun to play

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Thursday Things

A Blackwing pencil box filled with assorted unsharpened pencils
Back to the Drawing Board by Tommia Wright

Dare to try something bold…

Renew a comic of old?

Actually, what if that concept’s growth cold?

Well, time to sharpen things up, see what story gets told

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