Art House Co-op

I set a goal of playing with more than words: crayons, cards, markers, etc.

The free projects are fun because they’re free. Then again, to balance things out, I do find an affordable project to try now and again. The collection of ‘assignments’ can be found here, too

Sunday Swaps

  • Memory Swap: Sitting on the floor in the corner just beneath the front window of the library, a stack of counting books and other picture books beside me and reading – no interruptions.
  • Love Note: You brighten another’s day with  your kindness, your smile. Thank you for enlightening my day.
  • 50 Things to do: (My send to an unknown recipient; my getting someone else’s 50 things in return.)
  • Mix Tapes: Send a collection of your top ten favorite songs; get someone else’s 10 in return.

50 Things To Do (that I sent)

1.     Spend a day in a public library.

2.   Visit a museum.

3.   Listen to a children’s choir.

4.   Go to the aquarium.

5.   See a play.

6.   Glassblowing

7.   Beachcombing

8.   Dancing.

9.   Singing.

10.                Pencil-sketch a personal postage stamp.

11.                Write a thank you card to a teacher.

12.                Write a note to a favorite author.

13.                Encourage a young artist.

14.                Encourage a young-at-heart artist.

15.                See Shakespeare in the park.

16.                Ride/drive an ATV.

17.                Zipline

18.                Skydive – either indoors or outdoors.

19.                White water rafting.

20.                Make a blanket/quilt.

21.                Warm someone with a new coat.

22.                Read at a local school or senior center.

23.                Volunteer at a thrift shop.

24.                Make an entire shopping trip devoted to donations to a food bank.

25.                Play with clay.

26.                Fingerpaint.

27.                Travel to a different state/providence you’ve never been to before.

28.                Ride a ferry.

29.                Travel by train.

30.                Hike a mountain trail.

31.                Stargaze.

32.                Read/re-read at least five childhood stories.

33.                Read/re-read five classics.

34.                Listen to an audiobook you ordinarily wouldn’t choose.

35.                Learn to play a new instrument.

36.                Take and share photos.

37.                Send postcards to friends you’ve lost touch with.

38.                Learn a new language.

39.                Bring a family dish to a potluck/party.

40.                Plant a small garden.

41.                Write a song/poem for yourself, a friend, relative or just because.

42.                Send homemade cards for birthdays/holidays.

43.                Design a comic strip.

44.                Go fishing.

45.                Design a puzzle.

46.                Spend the day with a friend and learn something new.

47.                Doodle daily for a month.

48.                Watch a sunrise/sunset.

49.                Learn the geology/history of where you live.

50.                Laugh daily

Wednesday Projects

Infinite Space by Tommia Wright

Infinite Space by Tommia Wright

Map Project

Map Project by Tommia Wright

Friday Freebies

Things Found....the Letter A by Tommia Wright

Things Found….the Letter A by Tommia Wright


Workspace by Tommia Wright

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