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To learn where you can get your own copy of any of these fine stories – find them through the respective authors’ sites listed on the SVW Bloggers page or just click on the book(s) of your choice:

Mistress of the Dancing Bones by Thomas Alexander

Dear Miklos by Victoria Bastedo*a NaNoWriMo Project!* RB

Line Zero - Vol1: Featuring Casondra Brewster

Agatha Hattie by J. FedykEverything Alice by Jacquelyn Fedyk

The Kansas Connection by Kathy Gabrielsts2The Sundered by Ruthanne ReidBorn to Make the Kill by J. Rugh*a NaNoWriMo Project!* Reflections_on_Water_Cover_for_Kindle



Leaves & Flowers - Featuring L Garcia, S. Kennedy and T. Wright

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