Looking Up in the Library

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No, nothing new about going to the library or the monthly trek to the city one. Well, wrong – the new item today was being a week overdue, so that cut in to the foolishness fund for next month.

What was fun and new today was the perspective. Oh, I already knew I brought my camera in to take some shots through the windows. I hadn’t planned to encounter two other photographers on a mission – made for some fun sidestepping to stay out of their way.

I managed to find five books to borrow. Would have been helpful to write down the full call number needed for one – ‘close but no cigar’ results in ‘close, but not quite right’ in titles requested by one who knows you’re off on a mission.

So, a few photos of looking up while in the library…

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1 Response to Looking Up in the Library

  1. Is that the library in Seattle. It certainly doesn’t look like the one I remember in the other town.

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