First Snow

First Snow by Tommia Wright

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” ~ Isaiah 1:18.

Nothing like going to sleep to the plain greenery and waking up to find a blanket of white. Then again, as adjustments are made to routines – longer drive times, more layers of clothing, leaning towards warmer foods against a winter night – one must not lose sight on the meaning of the color, as what was once dark is made light.

Truth be told, no amount of cleansing on our own can wash us of our sins. Thankfully, God sent his Son to live the perfect life we can’t; paid the price that should be ours; and stands in our place to redeem us.

Am I saddened by the fact that the landscape is about to be buried in white? Sure, because of lack of confidence in driving and uncertainty of other drivers. Am I saddened by what Isaiah’s verse has to say? No.

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