Two Weeks until Word Jazz 2012

Word Jazz-Three's the Magic Number by Jackie Fedyk

Two years ago, SnoValley Writes! gave its first public performance at Boxley’s restaurant. There, we shared various interpretations to prompts given over a short period of time. Some were humorous, some serious, and all read with confidence from the writers, thanks to great support from our leader and the audience.

Two weeks from today will be the third show. If you are in the area and/or have need for plans for April the 10th, by all means, make reservations now.

Below is a poem I dared to read at our first outing:

“Laws of Attraction/Distraction”

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2 Responses to Two Weeks until Word Jazz 2012

  1. I’m sorry that I won’t be there. The best of luck.

  2. The event will also be the book launch for literary journal ‘3 is the Magic Number’ that Tommiastablet’s author is featured in. 🙂 The books arrived from LuLu today and look fablulous, but they are under wraps (with my eagle-production-editor’s-eye on them) until April 10th.

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