Another Detour…

Falls at Night 115 by Tommia Wright

Falls at Night 115 by Tommia Wright

…another find

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11 Responses to Another Detour…

  1. I’ve seen so many shots of the falls, but this one has that special something that makes it something ‘other’. Love it!

  2. The Weaver of Webs says:


  3. Mari Collier says:

    Beautiful! The mystic quality is there.

  4. Luddy's Lens says:

    Dreamy shot, love it!

  5. robincoyle says:

    Lovely. Looks like a gnome will be peeping out from behind the tree.

  6. winneyb says:

    Of all the photos you’ve posted, I love this one the best. It takes me mysterious places.

  7. Deborah Owen says:

    Just beautiful! That would make a good book cover. Thanks for liking WritingTips at We have an Anthology Contest in progress, if you’re interested. No fee. Cash prizes. Deb

    • tommiaw says:

      Wow, thanks for the compliment! I don’t know if I have story to fit that well right now, but will have to keep that in mind. Thank you for the contest info, too.

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