Monday Meandorings, Or….

Upper Window at the EMP by Tommia Wright

Upper Window at the EMP by Tommia Wright

…better left unsaid.

Today’s Daily Prompt: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Let’s just say that my brother and I believe in keeping the other one safe. That and my boss at the time was the one who encouraged and enabled me to do what I did. It involved a ‘minor white lie’ that my parents still don’t know to this day. If they did, my traveling  days would be finished and I’d be like Rapunzel – on the inside looking out.

When I went to New York City for an adventurous weekend, of course my family wanted to know who I was meeting up with. I told them, two friends I had known during college. Didn’t say we ever took a class together….or that we were even in the same state – emailing, chat groups, etc was how we three met, and had planned ‘corner state trips’ to include Washington and California, but alas, life had other plans. My boss knew; my brother knew. I knew (in my gut) these two could be trusted for a weekend of exploration and adventure. They have since gotten married (smile).


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9 Responses to Monday Meandorings, Or….

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  3. Lily Mugford says:

    Do your parents read your blog?

    • tommiaw says:

      Thankfully, the one who is now figuring out the internet has yet to find my blog – and that’s even after giving them a bookmark (smile).

  4. wsj2day says:

    “what’s the ‘significant secret’ i’ve ever kept?” as if i’d tell . . . sssh, it’s a “secret”

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