The Fridge/Ten Questions

Sweet Finish by Tommia Wright

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks about five favorite foods and the feelings behind them. Since I have an empty fridge at the moment, the response is purposefully blank.

The Daily Prompt asks the questions shared at the end of an “Inside the Actors Studio” episode: In abridged form, here are some responses:

1. Favorite Word: Love

2. Least Favorite Word: Hate

3. Creative/Spiritual/Emotional Turn-on: Nature

4. Turn-off: Hate

6. Favorite sound: Children laughing

7. Least Favorite Sound: breaking glass

8. What Profession Would I Attempt: Photo-journalism

9. What Profession Would I Avoid: Politics

How would you answer the ten questions?

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1 Response to The Fridge/Ten Questions

  1. Shards Of DuBois says:

    1. Yeshuah; 2. C… ; 3 ditto, nature; 4. bigots; 5. blank…favorite food, pizza; 6.eagles screech 7. complaining; 8. writer…hehehe; 9. bill collector, but I did, and failed miserably at it! 🙂
    and ps…don’t you just love that site “iChristian”???

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