Tuesday Unplugged

IMG_1397Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks: How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?

I’m guilty. The only time I am properly disconnected/unplugged is during meals times, commuting, binge reading, and sleeping. It wasn’t always this bad. Some of us in our writing group joked about how easily we were distracted by the internet. There are weekends where I properly unwind, ducking online to renew overdue items. There really isn’t a practical reason for the lengths of time online. I should do more of that -set up less screen time.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Unplugged

  1. I agree completely. Sometimes it feels like we’re on a treadmill — or a giant hamster wheel, like I’m imagining that pic to be! I’d hate to run into the giant hamster, though… 😳

  2. Luddy's Lens says:

    It’s astonishing what a time-suck the internet can be! and it really seems to drain life in unexpected ways. I definitely notice a change for the better when I do unplug for a period of time — from both the ‘net and the t.v. — better sleep, better mood, more productive. I think I even eat better!

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