Daily Prompt: Home

Home on Bendigo Street by Tommia Wright

Home on Bendigo Street by Tommia Wright

Today’s Daily Prompt asks: What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOME

I’ve probably lived in about ten different homes in my lifetimes; not that I’d remember my early years in Seattle. Parents’ tales take care of those details. Most of my time has been here in the Valley, with almost ten years in this house on Bendigo Street.

It isn’t there anymore; a new Bartell Drugstore is on that block, with modifications to the former liquor store/turned small shopping area being done now. (Best pizza place around claims the key corner spot now, with a chiropractor next door – that’s all that remains, for now.) I digress.

While growing up in this house, my least favorite chore was cleaning up my room. Why clean when there were chapters filled with characters to entertain me? Scattered sketchbooks and art supplies everywhere but where they were supposed to be. Clothes that just never seemed to stay in the closet.

My parents had a creative way of ensuring they could see the carpet some days. While I was at school, possessions were bagged and taken into the spare room. Panic for a primary grade school student – an empty room. No, the furniture remained.  The BOOKS disappeared! So, the ‘cost’ of getting the books back (boxed and locked in the parents’ closet or some other hiding place I never did find) was to put back the bagged items into their proper places and keep them there for at least a week.

Always made for the worst week ever.

Have I changed/grown up since then? (Silent pause…….)

Yes. I have control of what’s where, when and why. And yes, the place I enjoy is in proper shape for someone my age. Granted, I still postpone picking up piles of portfolios, photos and pads from time to time just for ‘one-chapter-more.’ Doesn’t necessarily mean I like it (time taken from reading, I mean).

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16 Responses to Daily Prompt: Home

  1. Mari Collier says:

    That one made me smile. As for household chores, I dislike them all. Dusting, however, is a particular bane. Once I was six-years-old, Mama decreed I was old enough to do the dusting. That included not only furniture, but all of her little knickknacks on the library table, her dresser, the stands, the bookshelves, the corner cabinets, the piano top (i stood on the bench to reach them), etc. I swore I would never have such things. Guess what she gifted me with in 1978 when they came to visit us in Washington.

    • tommiaw says:

      Funny, I loved dusting. I remember Mr. And Mrs. H giving me the duster and I loved discovering what was on their shelves; both of them taking turns to tell me stories behind them. Mind you this was about the same time I seldom cleaned my room. Go figure. (smile)

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  14. bluebee says:

    Oh, the cruelty of parents 🙂

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