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Saturday Snapshot

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Friday Fast One

What is it with the House on the hill Everyone sees yet Rarely goes Every day, despite the roses The people inside have stories to tell How some families cried, others swelled Every stone there has a story. Heaven and … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday

For all the melodies ‘round the world Amazing, the variations from a similar gourd Neck, with strings and a big belly Touched, tapped strummed And so much more Similar structure Tunes oh so many Interesting, isn’t it how Common the … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words

Sparkling, Rushing, Gushing Sparkling dreams and blessings above Like the many stars Rushing time between yesterday and tomorrow Like too many zooming cars Gushing opportunities, obligations and obstacles Like the path life tends to be

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Too Much…

Too much to read And so little time! Books everywhere and Long waits in the holds line Every day Thanks to such lists So much to read Give me a year paused And maybe a bit more Let me read … Continue reading

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Monday Moment

64 squares 32 pieces Unlimited limited moves 16 short pawns and 8 tall warriors L-shape, one-space, color pace 4 rooks 2 queens Defenses unseen 1 war One goal – what strategy? Queen’s gone – prepare to lose The framework, the … Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot

How many doors would you go through To become the person you’ll be? In the various things you do Are you seeing all there is to see? Just like the nested Russian doll Or the simple onion plain Are we … Continue reading

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