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Friday Fast One

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Thursday Theme

Possibilities, problems, Advantages and Terrifying adventures – Hope happens with the First step into Intrigue, folly, Newness, nonsense, Discovery, and Enlightening, exciting Renewal and/or routines revisited

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Friday Focus

The fun thing about reviewing old photos is finding images of things no longer there. Case in point, one of the joys of the original walk from the top to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls was this gated section by … Continue reading

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Thursday Theme

Ink Neatly Spaced, Perhaps Impulsively or with Rational reason – Inspiring others to share Narratives, creations with others – Gathering, spreading the good.

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Now and then, Adventure and average routine require Pausing, Taking a moment for Imagination to Make something Excellently unexpected

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Thursday Theme

Perspective, purpose Observations, choices – Some are Intellectually based, Though more often, the heart Is wiser. Valuables aren’t always Instantaneous, expensive Things – tossed and/or lost over time. You get to decide your treasures.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Many folks are looking back on a decade or a year. I may or may not do that – haven’t decided yet. Something some folks believe is easier than making resolutions or more challenging goals is to … Continue reading

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