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Various musings of the day.

Monday Mountain

Counting down the days for when winter is Over. Veil of white Evaporating; the return of Rainbows.

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Friday Fast One

Do we really need walls Or echoing halls Mummifying ideas, imagination and Energy?

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Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was National Pet Day. Well, Kit and Kat didn’t get the memo. They know it’s National Pay Attention to Me Year – every hour of every day of every year. They time their pranks right (knocking off my reading … Continue reading

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Tuesday Travel

If you could travel anywhere in the world, at any time, what destination would you choose and why?  

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Make Mine Music Monday

Preferred songs, A familiar station Invoke memories a la Notes – crescendo, resonate, then fade. Laughter, Optimism, Smiles, Sincerity – Just when One needed them, be it Yesterday, tomorrow or today.

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Sunday Sunset

(From the Archives) Whether here or there, Around or precisely, Right or Left Meandering towards focused dreams, Let’s go Yonder towards wonder.

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Saturday Snapshot

Finally seeing pavement and the Rest of civilization Even as some areas got only a dusting and Elsewhere, others are still digging out.

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