Monday Mountain

Mt Si First Day of Spring

Mount Si 2014 by Tommia Wright

So, it begins,

Nature puts

On the

White coat…

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Sunny Sunday


Sunset By Tommia Wright



Of another

Wonderful day

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Saturday Snapshot

At the Aquarium by Tommia Wright

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Friday Focus

Then, What Now

Steps Towards the Falls by Tommia Wright

The fun thing about reviewing old photos is finding images of things no longer there. Case in point, one of the joys of the original walk from the top to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls was this gated section by the power plant. Sure, the pathway could be filled with water and the wooden steps wobbled, but it was a fun path nonetheless.

Alas, this was taken down long ago and replaced with a new, easily accessible boardwalk, which is nice – plenty of areas to stop and enjoy the river or sit down and take a break. Every now and then, permission is given to unlock the gate to climb to the riverbank and walk towards the base of the falls.

What images of items long gone have you captured or hope to capture before they disappear?

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Thursday Theme


Creative Space by Tommia Wright

Impulsively or with
Rational reason –
Inspiring others to share
Narratives, creations with others –
Gathering, spreading the good.

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Wednesday Waters

Snoqualmie River After the Rains by Tommia Wright






Showcase Nature’s power

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Kit Kat Breaktime

Kit Kat Break Time – by Tommia Wright

Now and then,

Adventure and average routine require


Taking a moment for

Imagination to

Make something

Excellently unexpected

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