Benches on a Train 2013 by Tommia Wright


Things come to

An abrupt halt, caught in

Limbo between sleep and

Life, to and fro

Edging towards one way,

Decisions to go

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Monday Moment

It Begins – August 3, 2020 by Tommia Wright

So, followed

The directions,

As misguided as it was.

Rested The Child in

The corner with the clowns.

See what grows up (or who frowns).

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Sunday Snapshot

Kit’s Ticked August 2020 by Tommia Wright

Not sure what I did

Or how long the

Narrowed eyes will last.

Am fairly certain,

Probably, definitely,

Skipping shuteye today, oh blast!

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Saturday Snapshot

Flowers in the Lobby 2013 by Tommia Wright

A new month

Gets started/stalled as some things

Are caught on an

Infinite Loop of


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Friday Fast One

The Child Chia Pet 2020 by Tommia Wright

Getting this is something new.

Recent garden plant success went askew.

Oh, Yoda’s wise words of ‘Try not. Do or do not.’…

Wish me well this doesn’t rot.

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Thursday Thoughts

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Wednesday Water

Klamath Lake 2013 by Tommia Wright


Avoid the everyday, and stay by the


Enjoying the serenity.

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Blooms in July 2020 by Tommia Wright

Weather’s unusually,

Incredibly hot!

Last much longer,

The chances are, I won’t!

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Marvelous Moment

The Lost Train – an FVP Books Anthology

2000th post already?! Amazing! Rather than wait another 1000 for a ‘Marvel’ous number, it’s worth marking this. What happens when you get creative individuals together? You get –

THE LOST TRAIN, 8 Authors, 7 short stories, various genres, for all ages, 9 artists, 9 works of art, various mediums, cooperative project between FreeValley Publishing Books Authors (including yours truly) and North Bend Art & Industries Artists, Profits benefit NBA&I, edited by Sheri J. Kennedy, Coming Soon.

That’s the wonderful thing about living in a beautiful community such as this – the many ways we come together and support one another!

Stay tuned for more details!

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Sunday Snapshot

In the Plaza 2014 by Tommia Wright

Patios, playgrounds,

And parks and squares,

Under trees and

Sitting by the water –

Escape from the mayhem however you can

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