Friday Fast One

Roses sgtu

Rose Garden 2014 by Tommia Wright

(From the Archives)


Recognize and relish
Everyone, every
Meaningful moment, word
Memories, hopes, and dreams…
Because darkness will be
Erased by
Raising up our lights, our hearts, with love.

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Happy Pi Day!


Pi w/Cookie by Tommia Wright

I was going to update the photo/theme with a potpie, but that was intercepted by the cats.


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Wednesday Waters

Octopi at the Aquarium 2019

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Double Delight

(From the archives)


Another day of snow?

Isn’t it time for this

Nonsense to go!?

Believe it is time for

Other drops to appear-

Watery ones that come with color would be dear!

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Monday Marvel

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Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday Snapshot

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