From Inability Comes Creativity

I am a sucker for sunsets. I could be for sunrises, too, but seldom go outside that early in the morning. The banner photo was taken while on a train ride, the enjoyment of the scenery car with many wide windows and a few overhead. It was the best place to be until sleep was needed in the assigned seat in coach.

The fun thing about some websites is creating them to fit your personality, mood or needs. Google allows this – iGoogle, it’s called. There are various gadgets to use, including quotes of the day, verses, witty character or literary items and photos of the day.

Of course I went straight for sunsets.

There was a project I was working on today, in finding the perfect matches of ‘this and that.’ I couldn’t find one (well two) to complete the project perfectly. (No, I’m not a perfectionist – I don’t fit the definition perfectly, thank you.) So, between the photos on the desk top, the pictures on my desk and other musings, came up with my own solution. It can be found here as the latest poem for the poetry page.

Now the sun is finally beginning to shine – a hike right now would be wonderfully fine.

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