Wait, the Second?

How did it become the second of September already when the temperatures outside finally reflect how August should feel? And what about the fierce fireworks of July, days of barbeques, camp-outs and fishing trips?

Looking at the list of things that were meant to be done ‘before the end of the month’ (pick a month, any month, almost every deadline was missed) – maybe it’s easier to break goals down to ‘What will be done by week’s end.’ Then again, there is that quirky deal most folks use called the ‘To Do List’ that is done daily. Keep breaking thins down, there’s the hour, the minute the -.

Wait a second – is there any point in looking back at what was missed or better to be in the present, the moment, the here and now? When looking over one’s shoulder, there’s a good chance of stumbling ahead. When looking for a missed sunset behind you, you’re likely to miss an awesome sunrise instead.

So, what was accomplished today before the list takes over? Finally updating the Photo page by adding the Kamikaze collection. Yes, on the second day of summer, I enjoyed a proper hike to the top of the falls that had called my attention, challenged my pacing and gave me a spectacular view and soothing soundtrack (not to mention many a detour – hey, hear waterfall will wander). The day was well spent, the timing perfect and yes, this time I was properly prepared (versus the first ascent to the falls on a whim).

What else was accomplished today? Oh, the renewing of all the books I’ve yet to read, the movies I’ve yet to watch and the music I’ve yet to hear – again. Keep this habit up and my so-called reading/viewing/listening pace will be slowing down, resulting in a ‘return/re-check-out’ of items I didn’t finish the first time around (complete with a couple of renewals).

The sun is shining, the bag is packed and Labor Day proposes to be work-free. On second thought….

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