Thursday’s Verse

The Lines of Gauguin

So the adventure began –
Off to the SAM
For a day of play,
Less the full-price to pay
To go and see
The varying mastery
Of the artist named Gauguin.

Along the levels I went:
Overhead lights the shadows bent.
The different walls of various hues,
The dodging, the weaving to take in the views,
A glance at the clock,
Time to quicken the walk,
And learn from a master again.

First task required was to find the line,
Once I finally made it there on time.
Up and down, back and forth
Wait, am I facing south or am I facing north?
Lines in gray
Dictating where to stay
And to think, I’ve yet to get in.

Art to the left, voice-box to the right
Forget reading the wording, the board’s not in sight.
Many landscapes with fence,
Paintings he sent back to France;
Women going through things of daily life
His fantastic version without strife
Interesting, the way it begins.

Then at last, a chance to look
At a creative, never revealed book
Where the painter blends real with fable
-alas it never sat on a buyer’s table.
It was great to see the pieces there,
To lose one’s self in the colors without a care,
The paintings of Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin.

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3 Responses to Thursday’s Verse

  1. A really enjoyable poem. The meter is perfect, the descriptions of Seattle wait time accurate and the wonder of beauty were all entwined.

  2. tommiaw says:

    Thank you, Mari. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Definitely fun to write (in the rain, with pencil) while waiting for the bus.

  3. Wonderful capture of a day at the museum. Thanks for sharing the experience!

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