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Friday Fast One

(From the Archives)   Recognize and relish Everyone, every Meaningful moment, word Encounter, Memories, hopes, and dreams… Because darkness will be Erased by Raising up our lights, our hearts, with love.

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(From the archives) Really? Another day of snow? Isn’t it time for this Nonsense to go!? Believe it is time for Other drops to appear- Watery ones that come with color would be dear!

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Wednesday Water

Whishing by at High speeds Over, under through the Ocean, Sea Happiness should be plentiful like bubbles!

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Thankful Thursday

Wandering away from the Average, annoying or mundane – Lost, listening, looking toward the many miracles around Kindly enveloping us in Nature’s sound.

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Monday Mountain

Counting down the days for when winter is Over. Veil of white Evaporating; the return of Rainbows.

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Sunday Snapshot

Forget all this cold nonsense! All the best comforts Lie in between Lively with colors of Autumn and Spring

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Friday Fast One

Do we really need walls Or echoing halls Mummifying ideas, imagination and Energy?

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