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Thankful Thursdday

Happiness is having a variety of trails to enjoy, and wonderful days to walk on them!

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Wonderful Wednesday

Residing between land, water, and air Aftermath of sun and rain, Yields the most Splendid of treasures  

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Friday Fast One

Wonderous designs Intricate flight Nature’s own stained Glass pattern

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Friday Fast One

Too many ideas (and obligations), Infinite possibilities! Maybe a few minutes here, there – Eventually, a story will be done!   (Inspired by this tweet after four cups of coffee… What is your vice/fuel to feed your fix for mischief?)

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Wednesday Waters

Currents near invisible Almost nonexistent ‘Less you see the ripples Making their way to the banks.

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Tuesday Tidbit

Flittering away Light as a feather Invincible to the Gravity of Hate or worry, Tasting the nectar of the moment

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Monday Marvel

Galaxies, Lavish scenes, Amazing forms from melted Sands and Spectacular hands.

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