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Wacky Mid-Week Moment in the Sun

So, how to spend the first evening of the first day of summer? Well, to follow Kit’s approach, a ‘before-bedtime-nap’ is a good way to go. How he pulls off the twist like that, I’ll never know. I do know … Continue reading

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Walking in a Father’s Footsteps

“Show me Thy ways, O Lord, teach me thy paths.” ~Psalm 25, verse 4. Yes, last week was Father’s Day. I’m of the mindset that it, along with Mother’s Day, are really 365 (or 366) days a year – a … Continue reading

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Final shots for Spring

It’s the little things that make a day, or a decent transition from work-day to play. There’s a part of the mountain I try to shoot – the opposite ‘shoulder’ if you will of Mt. Si.     Even with … Continue reading

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7-7-7 Writers Challenge

Thanks to Sheri Kennedy for tagging me. I’ve taken the 7/7/7 challenge.  Here are 7 lines (+) from page 7 of my work in progress and I have tagged 7 other writers to do the same… From “Atkinson’s Chronicles” – “Spit … Continue reading

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It’s National Audiobook Month, so I thought it would be a good day to review memoirs. I’ve read a few on the iTunes Top 100 list, but had only listened to one – Stephen King’s On Writing. King proves to … Continue reading

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Gliding – Sunday Snapshot

Nothing says ‘bold’ like gliding through the air – with or without the parachute. Imagine stepping out of the library, arms heavy with stories to carry me away only to see a solo sailor making their way to…where? I can … Continue reading

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Awaiting the (Re)Opening

This photo was taken a couple of years ago, a path from the fish hatchery to the lower part of the Falls. That part of the trail has been closed now for renovations and there’s still a year to go … Continue reading

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A Fine Founder of the Sci-Fi Frontier

 (photo from the site) There are only a few things I remember about Ray Bradbury: My joy in listening to Leonard Nimoy reading “The Martian Chronicles” (and briefly planting a seed/wish of being able to go to Mars some … Continue reading

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Themes, Theaters and Other Things

 (Image courtesy of This June is jumping with many themes, so of course I have no ‘proper’ focus for this month’s collection of posts. The first drive-in theater opened on the sixth of June in 1933 and that turned … Continue reading

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Words and Art

The wonderful thing about libraries is the  many works of art within and without. This raven was spotted a few steps down from the Poetry Machine just before the main doors. What is the story behind the casting, the artist, … Continue reading

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