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Monday Moment

Maybe it’s the crispness of the air Or the Splendid Array of patterns. If I had to say why I love Fall- Colors draw me in.

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Friday Fast One

Riveting hues, Elegant shades, Decorate the former Summer sky

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Friday Fast One

Crispness in the air, as Hints of slumber and refresh Appear. Nature alters its Garments from Evergreen to something fair.

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Sunday Scene

Create, if you can Lively items Out of Unbound materials Dissolving, evolving Slowly beyond your reach.

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Monday Morning

Who can complain about the rain? When wondrous finds can be gained? What trouble is it to look to the sky? Why set your sights low when dreams can soar high!

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Monday Meaning

This month’s entries will be based on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day. Today’s is the antonym. Picturesque view with Radiant beams and Outstanding clarity while Mesmerizing and sane. Impressive, invincible Spectacular shadows Inviting adventure Natural escapes Grand all around

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New Year

Amazing how each year begins With a day no different than the one before And yet we unwrap this day like a holiday Ready with wonder for what’s in store. Every day – before, here, later – brings Newness in … Continue reading

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Monday Mountain

Nearer to the stars Enveloped in hope Wrapped in more than it seems How far will you go to Enjoy the view Imagine the limitless possibilities Great dreamers Have and nurture over Time, until, like the Stars, it’s their moment … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tide

Tiny at times Impressive at others Drumming along Every day Simply shaping in new ways

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Thursday Thought

What do I long for? A soothing state of mind. Where one can be far from work and worry, And repose by the cascading symphony where kind Reminders of blessings flow Washing away the guilt. Give me eternity by the … Continue reading

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