Scattered Sunday

I should be doing something practical, like finalizing the writing corner for NaNoWriMo (did get the traveling pages bookmarked here) or finishing the overdue books (again). Instead, I had fun playing with some new toys (thrift stores, general stores, spare change and time on my hands can be a dangerous combination).

Leaves Patterned by Tommia Wright

I found two kaleidoscopes – one basic tube with an intricate lens and one classic tin one with beads. Here’s what happens when you put them together against a camera lens.

Kaleidoscope Within Kaleidoscope 1 by Tommia Wright


Kaleidoscope Within Kaleidoscope 2 by Tommia Wright



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5 Responses to Scattered Sunday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Ah, childhood. I just went back by looking at them. The Kaleidoscopes then were huge compared to the flimsy small ones I see in the stores today.

    • tommiaw says:

      It was sad how many different toy stores I had tried before I finally found one. In most cases, the look I was given when I asked and then explained the toy was a lost look followed by ‘nope, don’t got it.’ The ‘plain one’ was found at the counter in a temporary calendar store and the tin one in a hardware store (one I’ll have to revisit soon!).

  2. My ballet teacher in elementary school had us all over to her house once, and making/collecting kaleidoscopes was a hobby of hers. There really is nothing quite like a nice kaleidoscope. The ones in stores have disappointed me as of late, so I suppose I’ll have to invest or build my own if I really want one someday.

    Best of luck to you on Nanowrimo!

    • tommiaw says:

      I learned while in Denver that the Glass Warehouse Studio offered kits and classes for kaleidoscopes. Online, there are an assortment of tutorials. Tempted to try it….

  3. That does sound tempting. Maybe I’ll do it someday, as well.

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