Fumbling Already

Hit a Block by Tommia Wright










Did I get my total word count for today? No. Maybe…200 words, barely a tenth. However, thanks to Sheri’s Breathing Space , I learned of the treasure in Stuart Jefferies’ back yard. It pays to have a large unadulterated property to call home.

Thanks to mac’s I liked photo!, I discovered that both Rita and Stuart have been to the Alps, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mount Rainier and other inspiring peaks.

Thank to Renee, the beauty of sunsets and rainbows is not to be ignored, something Jared takes great joy in – the warm memories of sunrises with his father, sunsets with his mother and the mixed blessings of rainbows on any given day.

Thanks to Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast‘s post, not only did I learn that Stuart’s spent a bit of time in the south, but he is held in awe how some truths will stand as strong as the mighty hickory or walnut tree.

So, did anything get added today? Yes. Now to improve the word count.

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1 Response to Fumbling Already

  1. Mari Collier says:

    All vital elements to a good story.

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