Friday Ficlet

Violin Case

Violin Case Sketch by Tommia Wright

Today’s Friday Ficlet goes back to the first NaNo I attempted.

The sketch was attempted courtesy of a fellow writer’s prompting after I lamented failing to find the ‘perfect photo’ to accompany the piece. Surprisingly, I didn’t use the eraser as much as I thought I would. Maybe now I can do some serious catching up on the Sketchbook Project next.

The beginning of the revision for “Crossing Seasons” can be found here.

NaNo Item


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6 Responses to Friday Ficlet

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I see only one problem. It’s difficult to be both an artist and an author. It can be done, but it is difficult.

  2. Denise Hisey says:

    I like how one clasp is locked and the other isn’t.
    Looking forward to reading your NaNo excerpt this weekend! 😉

  3. cool sketch…yup, got lots to do on the sketchbook too… 🙂

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