Gift for Words by Tommia Wright

Gift for Words by Tommia Wright

It’s interesting, listening about television ads after Christmas:

‘get the gift you really want’ or

‘see what everyone else got that you didn’t get’ or

‘to really know they cared about you, they would have given you this.’

When I was a kid, the one gift I wanted more than anything else was a brother or sister. Granted, ‘young logic’ never thought through the challenges of why getting an ‘older sibling’ could be impossible, or how long one had to wait to get a  younger sibling (never mind the ‘how’ to begin with). Most friends I knew had one, so I wanted one, too.

I ‘settled’ for puzzle games, relatives’ ‘good intentions’ and books (that latter winning almost every single time, the first one handy for ‘time out’ and the second one…well, even now there are times when it’s the thought behind the gift that matters (and means the) most. The older I get, the happier I am with time I have with family.

I have a splendid, strong-minded sibling I wouldn’t trade for anything or anyone. And he and my sister-in-law know me like a book. The above item was a gift given this year.

Do I worry about lacking the ‘latest items/fads/gadgets/whatever?’ No. They are things.

You don’t need to put a ribbon on hugs.


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3 Responses to Gifts

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Yes, but your “little” brother outgrew that designation a long time ago. You are so right. You don’t need to put a ribbon on hugs.

  2. Ugh. Now I remember why I don’t use my free cable, at all. I still have to see the newspapers complaining on behalf of retail stores every year if holiday sales don’t grotesquely exceed the sales of the years before. The whole concept boggles the mind.

    Books are always welcome, though, and hugs from the people I hold most dear are better still.

    • tommiaw says:

      Just saw an ad for an e-reader where the giver and receiver were the same person, smug about ‘getting the perfect gift.’
      What I like about hugs is that ‘one size’ fits all.

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