Small Hopes

That's the Ticket by Tommia Wright

That’s the Ticket by Tommia Wright

I have a habit of supporting various causes with raffle tickets. To date, I’ve purchased enough tickets that, had I only redirected the coin collection/cash, I might have had enough to buy material to make a couple of quilts. But where’s the fun in that?

Have I tossed the tickets from those and other raffles? No. To make matters worse, browsing in a crafting school, found a scrapbook collection of ‘antique tickets.’ What to do?

Put them to use in a ‘tiny hopes chest.’

I am not one for making resolutions, aside from the one made (several) years back: “Never make resolutions.” I’ve kept that one quite well, I think, but I digress.

Inspired by Jackie’s goals, stumbling upon Lesley’s list, and motivational images from: mac, Sheri, Shards of Dubois, and  wsj2day, to name a few (and this includes educational/entertaining readings from Belle Grove Plantation), I decided to actually write down my list of ‘hopes.’

Number 11 on that list: A long distance train trip.

I’ve enjoyed such a journey before (the header photo is of a sunset from that train trip), but I’d like the destination to be some place I’ve not gone to before and/or a different way to a place I’ve not been to in a long time. Will have to see how the savings plan goes.

What about the ‘previous ten’ hopes or ones that follow? Well, those are tucked away in the ‘tiny hopes chest.’ For now.

What goals do you have set? Is it worth taking the chance at last? Will you try it alone or do better with friends/family nearby?

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5 Responses to Small Hopes

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Are you sure you understand the nuances between hopes and resolutions on some matters? It can be a fine line. Any writer keeps hoping for success. That’s partly hope and partly resolution to do it!

  2. Denise Hisey says:

    Ah yes, a Hopes List (or Bucket List in my case!) Love it!
    Some I will do alone, and others involve family!

    • tommiaw says:

      Ah, the problem with ‘bucket list’ in some circles is that it’s ‘only a countdown towards whatever bad thing has yet to happen.’ (not my definition, but reason for choosing a different label, for now.

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