Monday Meandering

Susan Point's 'First People' (SAM) by Tommia Wright

Susan Point’s ‘First People’ (SAM) by Tommia Wright

“One out of four people in this country is mentally unbalanced. Think of your three closes friends; if they seem OK, then you’re the one.” ~ Ann Landers

I’ll have to agree with Ann about that one, no matter what state I count my various friends in.

Today’s entry is definitely on the ‘rambling rails.’

It is important to remember that the strongest connections we have with one another exists in the simplest of terms, be it by family, friendship, fellowship or some form in between. No matter how crazy the technical tentacles get in tangling people up (forty billion apps downloaded as of today, Social Savvy sprinting passed traditional modes of communication), a face-to-face smile goes a long way.

In the midst of twenty-four-hour tweets, umpteen updates, pings and other high-tech connects, when was the last time people actually listened to the person they were talking with before them? When was the last time a meaningful conversation contained more depth than a short-hand instant message exchange or 140-character-limit line? This isn’t to say that technology should be tossed and we return to the stone-age with limited, primitive ways to communicate, but to remember that face-to-face time has more returns – emotionally, physically, etc, than ‘facetime.’

Then again, the competent connector of both venues – human and technical probably has a saner grasp of it than I.

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2 Responses to Monday Meandering

  1. lovely photo and good and interesting thoughts

  2. Mari Collier says:

    You are so right about many things. It is one of the reasons that I enjoy the adult Bible study. People listen to what the other one is saying or questioning. Not all face to face contact results in meaningful exchanges.

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