Tuesday Tidbit

3-Minute Madness by Tommia Wright

Today’s entry is inspired by a wonderfully humorous read on Susan Wingate’s page: Greasing the Wheels in My Brain and the first meeting of the SVW group for the year. Given the self-imposed three-minute limit (that and the fact it’s way past my bedtime) – here it goes.

“Typical Day”:

  1. Get up after the alarm clock has sounded (as in 15 minutes later, when logic suggest maybe setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier – since logic’s required, I usually sleep on that idea).
  2. Try not to displace one cat or trip over the other one (Kit and Kat take turns on placement and refuse to set any particular pattern).
  3. Read the scribbles, I mean to-do/remember list on the mirror, only to postpone half of the list until tomorrow and realize the other half was forgotten yesterday.
  4. Get my morning exercise by playing the game ‘dodge cat.’ I believe with further practice, I can master the two-step!
  5. Empty the email accounts before work. If I’m lucky, this only takes 10 minutes. If I misplace my glasses, maybe 20.
  6. Try to remember what I wasn’t supposed to forget regarding the internet (besides maybe spending less time researching on it).
  7. See that the daily mini-journal is in the bag.
  8. Get through the workday.
  9. Forget the writing break/remember the journal -or- Remember the writing break/forget the journal.
  10. See all the great photos I could take…only to remember I forgot the camera.
  11. Empty the email accounts after work. This almost always takes longer than the morning because, well, it just does.
  12. Play the usual strategy games (mah jongg, set, quiddler, puzzles, various games at coolmath-games for kids)
  13. Create a new post.
  14. Write the items on the to do/remember list for tomorrow.
  15. Dodge the cats to get to bed (aka the ‘two-step’ done in half time and in the dark – LOTS of fun…).
  16. Repeat.

Does any of that help me with the year-long  writing goals I wrote out today? Any steps taken towards those objectives? Am I, in the world of reality, getting closer to my dreams? Well, probably not.

But if this brought a smile to your face, then my day has been made. If not, no worries, I’ve learned from a really good friend of mine that finding any cause to smile is a good day.

What writing goals have you set? What steps are you going to take to get there? Any fun rewards to treat yourself with along the way?

I’ll close with this quote found by our fearless leader, Casz – from Winston Churchhill:

““Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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