Monday Meandoring

Coop by Tommia Wright
Coop by Tommia Wright

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.

My brother and I failed to pay attention to one simple weekend chore while the parents were away. It wasn’t major, not then, given that the ‘list of enemies’ wasn’t as plentiful then as it is now. In fact, now the ‘enemies’ have eliminated the hobby outright, rendering it extinct.

To that, my brother and I would cry “fowl!”

No, not a misspelling, just an acknowledgment of fact. We had failed to close the door to the chicken coop completely and as a result, come egg gathering time, we were short. He went one way, I went the other and found three of the chickens. Caught one. Took forever and a year to try and get the other two, but we ended up taking our chances.

The good news – chickens seem to know the voice of the owner. So, when our father came home, so did the (choose your own foul-sounding name) chickens.

Do we miss them?  The eggs, yes, the chickens, no, but at least they were more likable than turkeys or geese.

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14 Responses to Monday Meandoring

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Ah, yes, every spring the farmers would order 200 or more chicks from the nursery (that’s what they called some feed store back then). I can see why your father would not want to give up that ritual.

    • tommiaw says:

      We still have feed stores around (given about a 20 mile drive). Alas, Dad has given up the chicken routine – the bobcat managed to get the remaining few. In fact, I believe the bobcat cleared out chickens for a few miles up and down the road.

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  4. kansamuse says:

    I used to have what I called Kansas fresh Chicken because I would lose so much. My children hated them and all the other animals. Oh, they loved the little chicks but they grow up.

    • tommiaw says:

      That’s certainly true. We rarely ate the chickens – in part because the other animals got to them first. Nothing beats the taste and quality of fresh eggs (sigh).

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  6. Shards Of DuBois says:

    one summer, our beagle ate every single chicken we had, one every 3 or four days, until all 13 were gone! lol we gave up. 🙂

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