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Friday Fast One

Figures! Right around the first corner, Inside the Selfie Scary Stroll – Gigantic Spider Hanging above, with The Werewolf a few steps down At least there were some sweets to be had!

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Thursday Things

Twitter. – Is it Really an Obnoxious tool that Undermines society? Nah! Because a bounty of Literary treasures found can help one Escape reality!

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Wednesday Waters

Fun finds Await, along the Lingering Little Trail – Splendid surprises

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Friday Fast One

Half of the year has already passed and one can either reflect on what was done/not done or plan for the rest of the year ahead. I’ll probably spend the weekend doing a bit of both. In the meantime, set … Continue reading

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Wednesday Water

My response to today’s Daily Prompt – Divide. The second bridge on my favorite trail, and the first of the best ‘soundtracks’ to indulge in.

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Sky Watch Friday: Mount Rainier

Trying something different – Inspired by Tena and Dawn, here is a bit of a Sky Watch from Renton, Washington. Looks could be deceiving – it was colder than the fading sunny sky let on.

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Whether you’ve seen “Despicable Me 2” or not, here is a wonderfully catchy tune to enjoy.

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Too Much Tuesday…And Here We Go Again

 And Here We Go Again… ‘And here we go again, with the geek attire’ My parents mutter, with the voice of the tired. It isn’t as if this is anything new: Star Trek, Star Wars – with these adventures, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Temptation

Today’s Daily Prompt asks, “Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.” Imagine that slice of cake on the left topped with crushed pineapples. Yes, if there’s a chance to indulge in upside-down pineapple … Continue reading

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Monday Momentary Madness

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks, Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy. I don’t watch much television and the news/classical music stations I listen to have very few commercials. During our NaNoWriMo fun, we … Continue reading

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