Organized Chaos by Tommia Wright

Organized Chaos by Tommia Wright

Today’s Daily Prompt asks “Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?”

That depends. Given that on sunny days, I’m outside more than inside, I don’t notice the state of the floor. The only time I’ll admit to getting cranky is when I’ve put something away someplace I wouldn’t lose it only to have little recollection of where that was – and that’s when there’s a deadline attached.

The joke used to be: “If the desk was clean, the house was a mess; if the desk was a mess, the house was clean.” The students knew this, along when to be mindful during finals. Good news about that silliness was a roommate who had a similar challenge (and profession) as me. Rather than deciding who was “Felix” and who was “Oscar,” we admitted to being both, depending on the circumstances and the season.

As for cleaning, I enjoy it – it can be rather therapeutic. Purging is a good thing.

Given that I seldom entertain, the notion of ‘cleaning before company arrives’ is rare, not that the loft is completely lost – I know where most things are at, really. But, I can make things presentable in short order if needed. In the meantime, I’m prime in piling, supreme in stacking and better at boxing than I let on.

Are you an “Oscar” or “Felix” or do you have a happy medium?

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7 Responses to Oddly

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  2. I’m usually messy – but it’s an organised mess, in that I know where things are. The challenge is when my husband (who has a low tolerance for mess) gets annoyed by the chaos and starts tidying up. I love the fact that I am the one who can say exactly where the missing car keys, or book, or Fitbit, or whatever, are 😉

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog by the way. Look forward to reading yours during April!

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