Wacky Day Wednesday

Kit/Kat's in the Bag by Tommia Wright

Kit/Kat’s in the Bag by Tommia Wright

Ah, wacky days.

Yesterday was “I Forgot Day.” I forgot that. Maybe I can credit that to “World UFO Day.” I’m sure there was an X-Files, Fringe, Supernatural, or Warehouse 13 episode on the topic(s).

Today is “‘Compliment Your Mirror Day.” I did, by having it face the wall (in honor of Disobedience Day).

It’s also “Stay out of the Sun Day.” One of the cats found a new hiding spot, so I thought it only fair to spotlight Kit/Kat for the Companion Challenge on the Weekly Photo Challenge.

What ways do you stay cool? Any wacky days above (or on the list via link) strike your fancy or do you have some of your own?

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7 Responses to Wacky Day Wednesday

  1. RituKT says:

    Hey, thanks for the pingback. Your cat in its attention pose looks so sweet.
    I am hosting a photo challenge for the month of July called PADE, please take a look at it on my blog and see if you’d like to participate 🙂

  2. Doris says:

    so cute! what was he doing in the bag?
    thanks for the ping back 😉

    • tommiaw says:

      Hi Doris! Glad you enjoyed. (smile) Hard to say what Kit was after that time. Usually, when Kat goes in, she wants a crumpled library receipt.

  3. winneyb says:

    T, all funny, except why punish your mirror from seeing your beautiful smile? And I love kitty in a bag!

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