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Too Gray, You Say?

Shadow, no shadow One means more snow. What mole can be certain How Mother Nature maintains An atmospheric plan That never goes according to the weatherman?

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Just Saying

One of the shortest plays I ever wrote doesn’t have much to play with at all. If anything, it was a silly short piece that mimicked the conversations my brother and I had whenever we were catching up. It was … Continue reading

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Depths Drawn Lines going this way, lines going that Some lines thin, others fat Crisscross, cross-hatch Clean and neat or chicken scratch Which way will the lines go Back and forth, to and fro? Something now so easily seen Or … Continue reading

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Wacky Day Wednesday

Ah, wacky days. Yesterday was “I Forgot Day.” I forgot that. Maybe I can credit that to “World UFO Day.” I’m sure there was an X-Files, Fringe, Supernatural, or Warehouse 13 episode on the topic(s). Today is “‘Compliment Your Mirror … Continue reading

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Seven Days

Little Lotto by Tommia Wright In response to the Daily Post’s challenge of: You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your … Continue reading

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Playing with Paper

So, there’s something to be said for working at not working on something while at work- and it doesn’t always work. Having fun with the tongue-twister? I’ll be glad to admit that I feel fortunate and lucky to have a … Continue reading

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