What was I Wondering Wednesday?!

Just like Jaws by Tommia Wright

Just like Jaws by Tommia Wright

Ever have one of those days that went into the unknown – lost without really finding anything? Or worse, time sneaking up  on you like Jaws from beneath a supposedly calm surface?

That was my day today and I didn’t like it. Oh, I accomplished my work (swearing there are probably three ‘hot topic items’ to complete before the weekly meetings). Made it to writers cafe (a healthy thing for the creative mind), and remembered to keep an appointment (only a couple of weeks overdue). Even grabbed a copy of Marilu Henner’s book, Total Memory Makeover. Whether I’ll finish that and the other Henner book by the due date will be the next question as, alas, I am so woefully behind on my daily digests for blogs. But I digress.

What has taken up my time of late (aside from playing catch-up on my slightly better Camp NaNoWriMo word-count, researching a few work projects at once – drafting bold plans there, preparing for another Portland trip to go to the Sketchbook Project Tour, and too many other things) is a new level of madness for me. More on that possibly next week…maybe. Probably. It will show up in the SVW Bookstore when it happens.

So, dear reader, if you’ve wondered why I may have been absent from your blogs of late, this is part of the reason why. Hopefully I will play proper catch-up/binge reading, soon.

In the meantime, advice from Dori, the fish in “Finding Nemo,” comes to my scatter-brained mind of late: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

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1 Response to What was I Wondering Wednesday?!

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I should write as many blogs as you do. I’m luck to do one once a week. Usually, it takes me two weeks, but then you are younger than me. Enjoy!

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