Wednesday Words

Camp Scene Part 1 at "Sand in the City/Portland" by Tommia Wright

Camp Scene Part 1 at “Sand in the City/Portland” by Tommia Wright

To say I had fun reading through the wide variety of books at the Sketchbook Project Book Mobile is like saying a child has fun in the sand at the beach on a relatively comfortable day! The second day afforded me about the same number of hours as the first, but this time I was selfish. I found a relatively solo spot where I indulged in book after book after book. Yes, this may not have been the nicest way to spend the second/final day, but with so many books and so little time…. (smile)

The highlight of the afternoon was observing a young reader, E-, as he created an ever changing method to making his next book selection. He was also a delightful advocate of the project (not bad, considering he didn’t have a book in the collection himself, just happened to see the books, took hold of his mother’s hand and that was that). The majority of books created by children were the most enjoyable indeed, without fear, limitations or the other restrictions some older crafts[folks tend to put on themselves (myself included).

The wonderful option of late is seeing some of these fabulous books online. (One of the few times I’ll admit to being joyful about digital books!) There are some I can see again, some I can discover at random and others that will have to await when I can afford a trip to Brooklyn, New York.

I’m still binge-reading the blog collection, chipping away at the many digests, so not feeling quite as bad about that as I had before leaving for Portland.

In other book-news, there have been updates to the SVW Bookstore page featuring members of SnoValley Writes! If you happen to live near North Bend, WA, there’ll be an opportunity to meet many wordsmiths and see debuts of new titles, along with a “Big Reveal!”


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2 Responses to Wednesday Words

  1. sknicholls says:

    I have fun on my days at the beach, an isolated one where I like to write, and any day I have my nose in a book 🙂

  2. Mari Collier says:

    Sounds like a great time. I can’t believe all the writers that are there now!

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