National Book Lovers Day

Biblioteca Angelica - Rome, Photo from

Biblioteca Angelica – Rome, Photo from

Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

In looking back at this blog, there are just over fifty mentions of libraries. I won’t attempt counting the mentioning of books.

I could list my favorite book-related sites.(The Book Reporter, Powell’s, Tattered Cover, Unshelved)

I could mention the Big Reveal at last. I could encourage you to find a fun book group fast.

I could share a video that will hopefully make you smile or cheer. I could ask “What have you read so far this year?”

imagination Today I’ll end it with this note. May you get a chance to fill, then go through your full book tote!

Better than Birthday Cake
So many books, so little time!
Seems to be my fortune, my luck – how sublime.
Still have the first library book set from when I was three.
May have added a few more, 10, 20… well, over 50.
True, time constraints make it hard
For me to frequently, physically use my library card.
On any given day, I’d rather be lost in the pages
Of Austen, Asimov, Tey, Twain, Francis, Chekov and others through the ages
Thank goodness for audiobooks, music to the ears –
Allows me to get through more books in these busy years.
King, Rowling, Shakespeare, and Christie’s works translate best
Then again, give me a great reader instead and – wait, I digress.
And now I’ll confess, I like my tablet, yes – it allows me  to access more.
To find something new in the realms of sci-fi, poli-sci, poetry, other works to explore.
Award winners, anonymous works, amazing wordsmiths however you define them,
Grab a book: paperback, hardback, thick, thin – whatever the hook.
A book, the right book, in hand is the best, richest gem.
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4 Responses to National Book Lovers Day

  1. Mari Collier says:

    That makes my collection look minuscule. Like you, I’ve read books by all of those authors and more.

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  3. Barbara says:

    Love, love, love this! I actually gasped. I made the impetuous decision when I got a kindle a few years ago to give away all of my books, including some that are irreplaceable. Within in a few months of having it, I realized that while a kindle has it’s place and is a great tool for traveling, it can never replace the heft, smell, or delicious feel of a book in my hands. Thankfully, I documented all of the books I had so I’m now working my way through second hand books stores in an attempt to replace them all. Talk about an expensive lesson. Thankfully, I didn’t get rid of all my children’s books. My first edition Harry Potters are going to much sought after some day!!

    • tommiaw says:

      Great to have a fallback plan! (smile) I remember when my bibliophile aunt came to visit me and she shared her e-reader with me. I gasp because that had shattered what I loved about her traveling habits (buy a book, leave a book). When we made our way to our first destination, she lamented that it didn’t work and that she hadn’t packed an actual book this time. A detour was necessary to one of the better independent bookstores in town, but that served as a cautionary tale to me. (smile)

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