Delayed Daily Prompt

Time of Old by Tommia Wright

Time of Old by Tommia Wright

This Daily Prompt: “What have you been putting off doing? Why?/Photographers, artists, poets: show us TIME.”  has been put off for almost a week because, again, I put more on my plate than I should have (but it was worth it!).

Yes, it made for long days and short nights of sleep, but have you ever taken the time to volunteer with a group of campers? Yes, the schedule said one thing; the campers’ energies something else, but the time to hear the stories of the days’ adventures were a terrific contrast to my typical work days. To hear the excitement of songs learned, instruments crafted, games played, among many other things – there was no shortage of joy to be heard.

To see the hyper hikers bounding down from the end-point of their hike before meeting up with families after four days of fun, it was a reminder of the importance of play, of discovery, of the fact that being young at heart and conscious of the importance of guidance, learning, and talking with others to foster dreams, cultivate memories, rediscover culture…

The long week was short-lived. Worth re-evaluating the calendar this time next year. Now back to the ‘regular routine.’

Here are a few of the many pingbacks of others’ thoughts about time:

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