Tuesday Tunes Day – “Please Don’t Sell the Piano”

Today is “National Cherries Jubilee Day.” Not that I’ve tried the treat or have interest in it.

It’s National Piano Month, and while I have my favorite players (to be shared at some point), I did stumble upon this piece and can relate.

The piano I had needed to be sold, small as it was, because it wouldn’t fit into the space we were moving to. True, I hadn’t taken as many years in lessons as some classmates and I was (and am) still sheet-music dependent while playing by ear, but the lessons Mrs. H.W. taught me stayed with me.

When I moved to Colorado (joining choir before joining church one wonderful weekend), the first thing I splurged on (jobless, so definitely foolish) was a keyboard at Costco. I was able to practice the music outside of the weekly sessions. I was able to practice songs long forgotten.

Have I played it as often now as I did then? Not exactly. Am I going to sell it anytime soon? Not on your life.

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1 Response to Tuesday Tunes Day – “Please Don’t Sell the Piano”

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I had to sell the piano when we moved from Washington. Do I regret it? Yes and no. My fingers lock when playing piano or using a keyboard. The long hours I spend at work meant that I really wasn’t using the piano. Have I replaced it with a keyboard? No, as my fingers still lock and I would rarely play it. I never had formal lessons, but my mother did teach me. She deplored my lack of “tempo” which is hard to keep up when one’s fingers refuse to move. I’m glad you are still playing.

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