Techie/Virus Appreciation Day

There were actually two videos chosen for today, but Word Press is being stubborn.

Did you know it was Techie Day? (Wesley Crusher did his job well, I think. Granted he and Geordi LaForge are a close second to good ol’ Scotty!)

It’s also Virus Appreciation Day. I do not appreciate viruses – of the technical or seasonal illness variety.

How about you – who are your tech heroes or do you have tech talents of your own?

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2 Responses to Techie/Virus Appreciation Day

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I am technically challenged. Most probably because I grew up without electricity in the home. I knew so many clever tech types at Nintendo that none were my heroes, but some have remained my friends. Unfortunately, they live miles & miles from where I retired. My daughter, however, can solve many of my minor problems. One did help when I had problems with my Micro Soft account. It was by email, but his instructions were right on.

    • tommiaw says:

      It’s good to have long-distance support and clear instructions. (smile) I’ll admit I’m still technically-impaired with some items around the house and at work. Some year, I may consider proper study of such things.

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