Best Time

Sunset Descending by Tommia Wright

Sunset Descending by Tommia Wright

Today’s NaBloPoMo asks “Are you a morning person or a night owl?” This could be a broader interpretation of yesterday’s query, “What is your favourite hour of the day?”

Granted, the above photo is of sunset (taken during the descent from the flight from San Francisco), but I know quite well that I am a morning person. Most of my tasks can be (should be) done before going to work; the hikes are best when fewer people are on the trails, etc….

However, there are times when the Muse’s Madness materializes well after a logical bedtime. (I know when I should call it quits, and more often than not, of late-pun intended- I’ve stayed awake later than I should.) November is the best/worst month – either writing down snippets as they form (long after attending a good-intention write-in) or trying to catch up on word counts before the morn. The next best/worst month is January, with the main Sketchbook Project due.

As for my favorite hour of the day? On any given Sunday, attending church with my father. On any given Saturday morn, a workout class that I’ve failed to attend as frequently as I used to/should. Then again, the quietest hour is the best, as the sun meets the horizon, be it rising or falling.

How about you – daytime or nighttime? A preferred hour of the 24?

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