Friday Fast One

dec various 004I confess there are days I want to follow Kit’s example, open the door and just leave.


Why, oh why bother with ‘this or that’

When what’s ‘new’ is really old, like a patched hat?

Can’t stand/sit too still, ‘less one grows fat.

(Is that butter or margarine, that little pat?)

Opening, closing, a bang on the wall

The comings and goings, the rush of it all

Is it worth the window, the lock, the pane?

Or is open space a better fresh air, something more plain?

Either way, stretch high, kneel low

Regarding this door – through it, I’ll go.

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3 Responses to Friday Fast One

  1. Your Kit is talented! 🙂 Glad my Tiffy hasn’t learned that trick yet! 🙂

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