Sunday Snapshot

SpamstageI’m glad I managed to reclaim my lost Geek Card when I watched “Monty Python’s Holy Grail” not long ago. It helped in the quirky enjoyment of the 5th Avenue Theatre’s locally cast production of Spamalot.

What happens when you attend a play with someone who has limited knowledge of Monty Python (aka none)? Enjoyment on a different scale. To see Mom laugh was an afternoon well spent.

The last time we had been to this theatre was to see “The Phantom of the Opera,” all four of us. My brother and I loved it; my brother saving up to see it again with a friend. My parents – not so much. They decided to share with us that evening over dinner that musicals weren’t their thing.

Understandable. Not all musicals are palatable. Thinking about tonight’s Oscars, the same could be said for movies. Haven’t seen a single film that is spotlighted one way or another. The Grammys? There’s a reason why I listen to my portable player or CDs – I know what my ears can expect.

When was the last time  you stepped into something unknown to you?

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