Two for Tuesday

Dragon Uno

Dragon Uno by Tommia Wright

There were two great reads among many from yesterday’s blog binge. (One of these days I’ll manage my followings to something easier, but I digress).

S.K. Nicholls shared a great piece about the author delusion of work being free. For all the artists who work hard with their craft – be it with words, photos, songs – and put their creations out in the world through legitimate means, why do some sad souls seem to see no issue in stealing them, ‘selling them’ for free?

I searched my pen name in Google and found a few free offerings in .PDF (Interesting since it isn’t in digital form), offered on an ebay sight and a textbook site. I searched other authors and found their works in places they never provided to. Is it good, getting exposure that way? Is it bad, taking away the value and time placed into these items now turned into pirated products.

Another fun read that has me thinking a bit more about “Escorting in Twilight” (aka the Atkinson Chronicles) was Charles Yallowitz’s piece about magic items. In the worlds of Oz and Hogwarts, magic makes sense, in who can use what and how. The fact that there are divisions on ‘the rules of magic in fantasy’ is interesting, and again something I hadn’t given too much thought to explaining in Atkinson’s world.

Maybe that will be my A-to-Z challenge within a challenge on the NaNo page. Then again, I might have to ponder the current Camp NaNo as to how much is luck, how much is coincidence, and is there a bit of magic?

What are your thoughts on pirating thieves and magic items?

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2 Responses to Two for Tuesday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Pirates are scum. They are doing it to prove they can. It benefits no one. Magic is another realm that I leave to others, although I must confess a certain fondness for dragons and the Harry Potter epics. Oh, yes, I’ll Tweet! Do try Google books when you are looking for your pirated works. Nothing was in the Desert Writers Guild of Twentynine Palms that was posted there.

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