First Day of Spring

Now that the sleet is gone, here’s to a delightful season of Spring!

I still have the LP of this soundtrack. This song was (and is) my second favorite. The first being “Little April Shower.”

What songs do you listen to/hum to celebrate spring?

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9 Responses to First Day of Spring

  1. I don’t really have a ‘spring’ song. I tend to listen to music that makes me think of warmth and sun in the winter.

    • tommiaw says:

      The way Vivaldi’s Four Seasons captures the elements – from cool to warmth, is delightful. That and spring seems to bring out more swing music to enjoy.

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  3. oh, some awesome tracks from bambi!! love disney old & new =)
    thanks for that opening of spring!
    stopping by from the a to z challenge – looking forward to your posts!

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