Thursday’s Random Thought


 “I’m going to write again. Tired of being a former writer.” –  kg

A friend of mine kindly let me take this line from her. It sums up how I’m feeling. I’ve put many fun habits on a shelf and am slowly (sloooooooooooooooooowly) taking the steps to reclaim them. 

Writing is like a vase of flowers – it requires refreshing, rearranging, realizing the value of the play before petals dry and drop and stems turn brown and droop.

Stephen King says one of the rules of writers is to read – alot. Well, I have an inbox filled with digests, notices of expiring ebooks, the Daily Prompt (which bores me whenever I do remember to open it). I’ve not read all of them like I used to. I’ve not done as many ‘likes’ nor have I left as many comments (and there are some that encourage comments over likes – great way to be sure someone says something).

I try not to neglect my favorites, my ‘Vitamin D’ for Delightful:

Misafusa’s Blog is a read that offers a bright spot for the day, a wonderful quote to tweet and something motivational to pin to the Pinterest Board. Whether its a little advice to free the mind to rebuild a life or a reminder of how one speaks, there’s always a wonderful illustration or tune to enjoy and brighten the day.  Thank you Misafusa!

The playful escapes by way of photos – that’s the lifeline that wsj2day provides. That and many great quotes to go with those photos to pin. (yes, Pinterest could become problematic if I knew how to really play with the boards). Some images I keep at the ready for a quick escape from the stacks of papers and other projects in their various locations.

zwitterion80’s photos are a fun way to end the day – what delightful image was captured out of something ordinary or taken for granted?

Those are the key three I try not to miss. There are others I enjoy that deserve more time than I’ve given to really enjoy, relish, reflect: The Chronicles of an AngloSwiss, The Rider, iChristian, and 61musings to name a few.

I’ve stacks of playful items I want to enjoy again: a stack of prints from the Print Exchange via the Sketchbook Project, mixed media makings that Jackie encouraged us to create, a story, poem or few to finish rather than delete. Will see what this new month will bring. One thing is for certain:

 “I’m going to write again. Tired of being a former writer.” You and me both, kg. Might see you at the Writers’ Cafe yet.


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5 Responses to Thursday’s Random Thought

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Goodness you are a busy bee. Yes, one needs to read, but a writer needs to write. Select a time and write every day. It doesn’t matter what. Just write and/or edit. You’ll be surprised at the output.

  2. Oh my, you are so kind to count me in! I love your blog too! xoxoxo I’m so honored! ♥♥♥

  3. Rilla Z says:

    I just found some new blogs to follow! Thanks for the suggestions, Tommia!

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