Thursday’s Random Thought


A friend of mine used to love collecting table settings. They would be arranged in a corner curio for all to see. I asked her how often did she use them. She said never; that she was still waiting for a very special occasion before taking them out of their case.

Is that what we do to ourselves? Put off bringing the best of ourselves forward, waiting for ‘the special occasion,’ while never defining it? Gathering different skills, talents, or letting ones we’ve been blessed with fade away?

Do we deliver our best, one time only, then sabotage what we have? What is it about art and fear? How do we take the fear out of failure?

What have you shelved away?

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3 Responses to Thursday’s Random Thought

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I have shelved away memories. My mother was horrified when she discovered that I was using the lovely linens and gifts we received when we were married. She did not understand. I was supposed to pack them away and take it out when “company” came. I did not do that then, nor do I do that now. I assume people come to see me, not to inspect my belongings. Yes, I Tweeted.

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