Wednesday’s Words

The Block Party - FPC

The last of the summertime outings for the writers of FreeValley Publishing is this Saturday. Come join the Snoqualmie Block Party!


SnoValley Writes! resumes the regular workshop season this Saturday at the North Bend Library. Happiness was receiving the writing prompt for the week.  Actually, every weekly send is a nice gem, something added to the things to play with when not staring at/dealing with work or other things. The camaraderie of the group is an oasis, a chance to replenish the well of creativity and fun. A story’s slowly brewing between this prompt, Misifusa’s post and a line from Mari’s comment last Thursday.

nano banner

National Novel Writing Month – or NaNoWriMo starts in a month and a half and for those of us who kept putting off writing a novel until “Some Day” – well, now’s the time to make the time to declare yourself a writer and create your story. The goal? 50,000 words in 30 days. Simple rule – NO EDITING! (Yes, there are some in our group who don’t necessarily follow that rule. Many of the books from FreeValley began during the November adventure. (Fun is receiving ‘the list’ to prepare now.)

On the reading front, a fun/sad discovery is the website, It’s with guilty pleasure that various books are recommended based on interests selected. The price? Either very low or free. Granted, happiness is the wealth of opportunities from the library! If you or someone you know is a librarian, there might be interest in this offer from Books on Tape if you or your patrons are audiobook fans.

constitution dallas

Whatever stories you read, whichever words you write – enjoy the freedom of expression. Today is Constitution Day.

What words wove their way into your Wednesday?

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Words

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Hope the Block Party is a total success! As for my words? Most of it was urging people to go to my site and see my new anthology. Or to visit my Event on Facebook and buy Twisted Tales From The Northwest. Yes, everyone is set in the Pacific Northwest. One in the North Bend to Seattle area, another in Snoqualmie, and oh, you get the idea. Yes, I’ll Tweet.

  2. Thanks for including me…there is a neighborhood garage sale here too today! ♥ Hope you have a lovely weekend! ♥

  3. tommiaw says:

    Thank you for the motivational reads! (smile) Now off to enjoy a (block) party!

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